Newborn dropped on head by hospital staff in delivery room

WARNING: Video contains content some viewers may find disturbing 

PHOENIX — Graphic video of a newborn being dropped on the head in the delivery room of a hospital has gone viral.

According to KNXV, the parents, Derrick and Monique Rodgers, are speaking out and want an apology from the hospital. They also have questions about if the fall will cause any long term effects to their baby.

They shared the video Wednesday, and it’s already been viewed millions of times.

The couple welcomed premature twins, Madison and Morgan, on Feb. 14,  Valentine’s Day.

Derrick was in the delivery room recording when one of their twins, 3 lb 4 oz Morgan, fell from a hospital employee’s hand and onto a table.

“I feel like she was treated as a sack of potatoes. It made me so mad. Like I had to stop recording,” Derrick said.

He said he later confronted the doctor, saying, “you dropped my baby.”

“He had like a nonchalant look on his face. Then I showed him the video and he had nothing to say after that.”

An ultrasound taken a week later revealed Morgan had a small hemorrhage. A former NICU nurse told the parents those are common in premature babies, and won’t lead to any long term effects.

But, the parents say Morgan shakes at times, which has them questioning things.

“She does this like tensing up and her body kind of shakes. I would like to know if this was due to her having a low birth rate or if it was due to her being dropped on her head.”

Derrick and Monique are hopeful their daughter will grow up healthy and happy, but want the hospital staff to be more careful and learn from this mistake.

The hospital said in a statement that they can’t comment on specifics of the incident due to patient privacy laws, but said they’re taking the situation seriously and are investigating what took place.

WARNING: Video contains content some viewers may find disturbing 

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