Dr. Ian K. Smith talks about his new book “Clean & Lean”

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When dieting, it is common to take a step forward in eating healthy foods, but take two steps back in loading them with sugary sauces. Dr. Ian show us that there are ways to make your healthy choices even healthier with low calorie condiments.

Smith's new book, "Clean & Lean" offers a diet and fitness plan for all fitness levels.  Smith wrote the book to motivate people to use the power of intermittent fasting to discover your optimal eating times each day, explore clean eating with 30 fresh, real foods that you can combine endlessly for meals and snacks, try his day-by-day 30-day diet plan that tells you just what to eat, while still giving you loads of options and get up and move with customized exercise plans for all fitness levels that won’t wear you out, but will energize you and accelerate your results.


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