How many times have we had measurable snow in mid April or beyond?

Dear Tom,

How many times have we had measurable snow in mid April or beyond?

Margaret Robertson

Dear Margaret

Measurable snow beyond mid-April is quite rare in Chicago. Chicago weather historian Frank Wachowski checked the archives and informed us that dating back to 1885, the city has recorded just 52 days where measurable snow has occurred on or beyond April 15. In 1907, the city logged seven such days with measurable snow, the most of any year followed by four days just last April in 2018. The heaviest daily snowfall during this period was 5.4 inches on April 16, 1961 and the greatest total snowfall through the end of the season was 6.9 inches in 1910, closely followed by 6.8 inches in 1961. Of those 52 days, 12 occurred in May with the greatest daily May snowfalls 1.6 inches on May 1,1940 and 1.3 inches on May 3, 1907.

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