How often does the Chicago area experience identical high and low temperatures?

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Dear Tom,
Have there ever been several days in a row in the Chicagoland area where the high and low temperature was the same as the previous day or days, and if so how many?
Ricardo Mauzer, Huntley
Dear Ricardo,
A search through Chicago’s temperature records from 1871 to the present indicates 303 pairs of days with identical high and low temperatures, or an average of two occurrences per year. A search for three consecutive days with identical maximums and minimums yielded four events: Aug. 11-13, 1879, each day with highs/lows of 82/65 degrees; Aug. 26-28, 1882, 74/70; Sept. 5-7, 1910, 81/68; and, most recently, Nov. 22-24, 1920, 42/37. Four consecutive days of identical temperatures has never occurred

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