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Southpaw high school student says ACT unfair to lefties

CHICAGO — In the high-pressure world of college testing, one leftie is fighting back.

With page after page of timed equations, algorithms and Scantron bubbles, the last thing most students are worried about is whether they’re scribbling their answers with their right or left hand.

But one southpaw said being a leftie is detrimental when it comes to the ACT.

"I had to recopy every question because my left hand was blocking it,” high school senior Natalie Wexler said.

Wexler reached out to the ACT and learned that while the company does offer accommodation tests in audio, braille and 18-point font — there’s nothing for the 10 percent of students who write with their left hand.

WGN’s Erin Ivory has the story. Watch her full report in the above video player.

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