Emergency hearing scheduled in battle for Westlake Hospital

MELROSE PARK, Ill. -- The village of Melrose Park is taking the new owners of Westlake Hospital back to court for contempt.

An emergency hearing is scheduled for Thursday.

A judge granted an emergency injunction on Tuesday, ordering Pipeline Health to keep Westlake open until May 1.

As part of the order, Westlake can’t stop medical treatment or terminate employees. It has to maintain adequate staffing, facilities, and supply levels. But employees say that's not happening.

On Wednesday, WGN cameras spotted a man removing what appeared to be medical equipment from the building on a loading dock. Pipeline says the equipment was being lent to another hospital and it insists it is following the judge's order, and the allegations are patently false and irresponsible.

A spokesperson for Pipeline Health says:

“The allegations being made by the mayor and representative Welch are patently false and absurd. The chaos they seek to create is wildly irresponsible and putting patient safety in jeopardy. We are following the judge’s orders and reviewing our legal options.”

Pipeline says because of declining staff rates, they are operating at a huge loss.

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