How many big snowstorms have there been in April in Chicago?

Dear Tom,
How many big snowstorms have there been in April in Chicago? My grandfather told me about a big one in April of 1970.
Leslie Mesterelli, age 7
Dear Leslie,
Chicago’s snow records began with the winter of 1884-85, 135 years ago, and your grandfather is correct: A snowstorm on April 1-2, 1970, was really a doozie. A total of 10.7 inches of snow fell. It was a heavy, wet, slushy snow that fell with temperatures in the 30s, and it was the largest snowstorm ever to occur in the 135 years of Chicago’s official April snow records.
There have been a total of six snowstorm of 6.0 inches or greater in April in the city’s official records. The other five are: 9.8 inches (April 2-3, 1975); 9.4 inches (April 5, 1982); 9.1 inches (April 5-6, 1938); 6.8 inches (April 15-17, 1961); and 6.4 inches (April 4, 1920).

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