What has been the best and worst weather for the Sox home openers?

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Dear Tom,
I vividly remember the Opening Day White Sox game in 1971 – it was warm and sunny. What has been the best and worst weather for the Sox home openers?
Mike Parenti Palatine
Dear Mike,
Your memory is correct. The White Sox home opener in 1971 was played on April 9 and the mercury climbed to a balmy 63 degrees. Of course, April weather in Chicago is quite fickle and over the years, the home openers have not always fared so well. On several occasions the games were postponed, a result of cold, rain or snow. Of the games that were played, one of the worst took place just a few years ago on April 8, 2016 when the game was played in 35-degree weather accompanied by a mix of rain and snow. In contrast, the warmest Sox openers both were played in 86-degree warmth, the first time on April 17, 1977 and the second on April 19, 1985.

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