Will standing-up airplane seats take off?

A company is trying to convince airlines to allow people to have as much leg room as possible.

The catch? The"seats" are upright so people would basically be standing during the entirety of their flights.

It's the airline version of the strap-hangers you see on commuter trains.

The seat is called the Skyrider 3.0 and was created by the Italian seat manufacturer, Aviointeriors.

There was previously a Skyrider 2.0 that was unveiled at the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2018 in Hamburg, Germany.

It looks a little like a bike seat, and allows a flier to remain vertical for the entire flight —and of course, save money.

According to a report the original version was created to "help airlines squeeze in more passengers by allowing an "ultra-high density" and reducing the space between rows."

So far, no airlines are lining up to install them.

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