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Australia’s “Fremantle Doctor” sea breeze

Dear Tom,
While vacationing in Perth, Australia, we experienced the Fremantle Doctor. It’s the same as Chicago’s lake breeze, right?
Dorian Flander, Chicago
Dear Dorian,
The Fremantle Doctor is coastal southwest Australia’s name for a sea breeze and it is identical to Chicago’s familiar lake breeze. It is called the Fremantle Doctor because it appears to come from the coastal town of Fremantle. It usual begins in the early afternoon when inland air temperatures soar, often to 100 degrees or higher, but temperatures over the adjacent Indian Ocean remain much cooler.
It is strongest during the summer months of December and January (remember, this is the Southern Hemisphere), when the temperature differential between ocean air and land air is the greatest. It generally blows from the southwest, becoming more southerly by late afternoon due to the Coriolis Effect.

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