Robots, circuits and lessons to make lives better all part of Southwest Side teacher’s curriculum

CHICAGO — Technology found in a major medical center or lab helps the March Teacher of the Month give high schoolers a head start on a possible career path. And while he loves sharing the possibilities that stem from science, Dan Mostyn just as interested in building future engineers who use their skills to help others.

In Mostyn’s classroom at Brother Rice High School on Chicago’s Southwest Side, there are student-made robots, hands-on lesson in circuits and even a 3D printer.

“What I love about this class, we can take a student who has never coded before and give them the tools they need to be able to layout a program so they can make a robot come to life,” Mostyn said.

Mostyn graduated college with a degree in civil engineering.

“I worked in construction in Chicago,” he said. “I was a project engineer, worked on projects in city and suburbs.”

Mostyn still builds things but now with students like Frankie Mesec, a junior who said Mostyn’s curriculum has sparked a deeper interest in engineering.

“He’s very motivated to teach us,” Mesec said. “He’s energetic. He loves his job. He loves teaching. He’s really fun.”

“I want students to be exposed to this technology and science and engineering becasue it’s not just a good job that you can have,” Mostyn said. “Engineering is all about helping people in the end you’re designing something to make someone’s life better.”

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