“Europe in Chaos” filmmakers Norma Percy and Tim Stirzaker discuss their film on WGN

“Europe in Chaos’s” creator Norma Percy and producer Tim Stirzaker talk about their documentary on WGN Morning News.

The Smithsonian Channel’s “Europe in Chaos” explores the origins of Brexit and the Migration Crisis, two factors that divided the European nations and plunged them into their biggest political catastrophe since World War II.

The first hour focuses on Brexit, following British Prime Minister David Cameron’s eventual caving into his party’s demand for a referendum on the UK’s place in the EU. The country shocked the world by voting to leave, and the exit strategy continues to drag on today.

The documentary’s second hour follows the struggles European countries had in addressing one of the greatest humanitarian crises of the century: the influx of hundreds of thousands of refugees arriving in Europe from Syria and North Africa. The crisis exposes a sharp division between East and West, with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and others offering sanctuary while Eastern European countries argue fiercely to send the migrants back.

Many of Europe’s top leaders were persuaded by the filmmakers into offering previously unpublished insights into the crises that have threatened the European Union, giving the film a unique perspective on one of the world’s most pressing topics.


“Europe in Chaos” premiers this Thursday at 7 PM on the Smithsonian Channel.

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