Shots fired at aldermanic campaign office in South Shore

CHICAGO — Shots were fired at William Calloway’s campaign office in the 5th Ward Monday afternoon.

Gunshots damaged the office, located on the corner of 71st and Chappel Avenue, around 3 p.m. Monday.

Calloway said he was inside working with six of his employees around  when someone drove by and shot into the building. He said he heard about three shots. He said it happened fast and everyone in the office hit the ground.

Calloway said his campaign office has been in the area for a year and a half and this has never happened before.

The candidate said he was disappointed with the police response. He saids an officer drove by right after the shooting but didn’t come inside to check on anyone or take a police report. He said it took a call to 911 to get someone out to the office.

He said he has also been in touch with CPD Supt. Eddie Johnson and let him know what happened.

No one was injured.

The 5th Ward’s runoff election will take place on April 2.

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