The bad snowstorm on March 25-26, 1930

Dear Tom,

My siblings told me we had a bad snowstorm on my first birthday, March 26, 1930. Do you have details on that storm?

Sam Mirza

Dear Sam,

Do we ever! On March 25-26, 1930, the Chicago area was clobbered by a blockbuster, late-season snowstorm that buried the city with an official 19.2 inches of snow, which still ranks as the city’s sixth greatest snowstorm. At Midway Airport, the snowfall was even heavier totaling 22.3 inches, just shy of the city’s all-time greatest snowstorm, the 23.0-inch January 26-27, 1967 Big Snow. The late-season storm was the ultimate slap in the face from Mother Nature, coming in the wake of a delightful 73-degree March 16. The snow was accompanied by 40-50 mph winds that created five-foot drifts. It snowed continuously for near 44 hours and brought city traffic to a standstill as early as noon on the 25th.

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