Lightfoot, Preckwinkle face-off in third debate this week

CHICAGO — The two candidates for Chicago mayor squared off for their third debate Thursday.

They debated public safety, schools, attracting business and at time attacking each other.

Toni Preckwinkle was on the attack. Lori Lightfoot was not rattled and was not afraid to hit back.

For as much as the moderator tried to get answers from the candidates, at times he got speeches. But they covered a lot a ground.

Why did Preckwinkle pull her TV ads?

“TV ads aren’t all to campaigns,” she said. “We are trying to meet people where they are and seek their supports.”

Lightfoot responded to Chance The Rapper’s endorsement of her competition and said her prosecutor past and work as a private attorney doesn’t make her the best advocate for the black community.

“I have worked tirelessly on police reform,” Lightfoot said. “I did it when there was no tougher assignment.”

Lightfoot was asked about the Chicago Tribune’s endorsement that came with the line that if she lacked anything it was her experience to spur economic growth. She said as a private attorney she spoke with CEOs and businesses leaders.

“I come with a deep knowledge of business,” she said. “I speak the language to get the companies here.

Campaign cash became a flashpoint as well. Preckwinkle again attacked Lighfoot for her work with a private law firm and some of the organizations it defended.

On public safety, both support a civilian oversight that can hire and fire officers. On new revenue, neither support a LaSalle street tax. Preckwinkle said yes to video gambling, Lightfoot said maybe. Preckwinkle said an increase on the city sales tax would be an option, Lightfoot said no.

At the end each candidate was asked what the biggest micritization the other side has made during the campaign.

The election is Tuesday April 2.

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