Andrew Schneider and Daniel Pogorzelski discuss their book “Images of America: Logan Square”

"Images of America: Logan Square" authors Andrew Schneider and Daniel Pogorzelski join Dan Ponce to discuss their book on the Chicago neighborhood that Richard Nickel, Knute Rockne, Shel Silverstein and Patti Smith all called home.

Beginning as a patchwork of farms, hay fields and small towns in the Jefferson Township, Logan Square has gone through a number of evolutions en route to being the vibrant neighborhood it is today.

Schneider and Pogorzelski, as well as Ward Miller and Jacob Kaplan chronicle the constant changes Logan Square has undergone. Yankee farmers, Scandinavian proprietors, German tradesmen, African American freedmen, Polish soldiers, Jewish merchants, Filipino laborers, and Cuban refugees have made up the Chicago neighborhood, giving it a rich and diverse history and plenty of stories to tell.

"Images of America: Logan Square" can be found in local Chicago bookstores, as well as online.

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