What are Chicago’s records for the warmest and coldest March temperatures?

Dear Tom,

What are Chicago’s records for the warmest and coldest March temperatures?

Jimmy Mellos, Chicago

Dear Jimmy,

March displays a great range of temperatures here.  Many of us will remember March of 2012: It was the city’s warmest March on record (in official records dating from 1871). The average temperature that month was 53.5 degrees (compared to the March average of 37.9 degrees). Especially noteworthy was the string of nine days from the 14th through the 22nd that were absolutely summer-like, with highs in the 80s on eight of those days. The warmest day was 87 degrees on the 21st. Chicago’s coldest March, averaging 26.3 degrees, was in 1960. The month’s lowest temperatures were on the 1st and 6th, at 2 degrees. Highs were below freezing on 17 days and, in addition, there were 14.0 inches of snow that month.

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