Midday Fix: Fun science projects you can do with the kids at home

Rachel Silvert aka AG Ray – Mad Scientist with Mad Science of Chicago


Spring Break camp at the Mad Science Laboratory (1053 N. California Ave.)

April 15 – April 19

Register at chicago.madscience.org

Open to kindergarten – 6th grade students

$85 / day



Chromatography Flowers

Chromatography is when you separate out a mixture – here we’re going to separate out the colors in the pigment of colored markers to see what makes them up.  The pigments that are more water soluble are going to travel further along the filter.

Make a circle with your marker – make sure to leave space in the middle.  Make sure your markers are water soluble if you are using water.  PUT PAPER TOWELS OR NEWSPAPER UNDER THE FILTER when your are drawing the circle.  The ink will go through the filter.

Fold it into a cone shape and put it into the water so just the blank space is in the water not the circle – we want the water to move up through the ink more gradually.

Turn them into flowers!

Foaming Easter Eggs!

Put water in a slime cup and add whatever color food coloring you want.  Note: gloves are included so you don’t get food coloring on your hands.  In a small bowl, mix about 1/3 cup of baking soda and a tablespoon of colored water.  Mix with popsicle stick so color is well-distributed.

Take the dough and shape an egg and let it dry for a couple hours or overnight.  If you want to put something in them, form half an egg, make a small hole and insert glitter or a toy, and then add on the other half.

Acid / Base reaction – just like a volcano!

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