Mayor unveils report from transportation task force

CHICAGO —Thursday, Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel released a report from a task force appointed to look at the future of transportation in the city.

The mayor created a group of transportation experts to try and put together a guideline, or road map, to navigate the future of transportation in the city.  It includes everything from public transportation like the CTA to ride-sharing and taxi cabs.

Emanuel formed the group last summer and unveiled their recommendations Thursday.

Some of the issues include how to promote more fuel-efficient modes of transportation, how to pay for new innovation and who should be in charge.

One of the first recommendations from the mayor was to create a new position in city government for a Chief Mobility Officer.

It is meant to be a more proactive approach to changing technology rather than a reactive response, because that technology is changing at a rapid pace.

“We were not discussing in 2011 dock less bikes or bike sharing,” Emanuel said. “We weren’t discussing ride share vs taxi. We weren’t discussing scooter vs electric bikes. And we definitely weren’t discussing driverless vehicles.”

There are a wide range of issues and recommendations that were covered.

It will be up to the next mayor to decide whether or not to implement any changes.

Read the full report here 

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