Chicago-area students give surprise donation to Englewood organization

CHICAGO — Some local high school students are giving back with a surprise donation.

The students brought a check worth more than $4,500 to I Grow Chicago in the city's Englewood neighborhood Friday. The money was raised by high school soccer players from the city and suburbs.

"High school soccer teams, like mine, volunteered to run together in their local communities," said Glenbard East High School's Elaine Wesling. "Each student athlete donated $1 a piece."

"Thanks to everyone giving a little, we were able to give this donation to enhance the lives of people living in the Englewood community," said Whitney Young's Esme McCarthy.

I Grow Chicago is a community group that uses programs to target violence and poverty. They can use the donation toward buying a new plot of land to build another education center.

The students say they were inspired by Chicagoan Cheyne Adams, who ran 50 miles around downtown Chicago on Feb. 9, bringing attention to children in low income areas.

"My challenge to you guys is don't let this be the last time you are in Englewood," said Erin Vogel, co-executive director of I Grow Chicago. "Don't let this be the last time you reach out to somebody because there are people here that are hurting."

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