Sunday Brunch: Steak Tartare

CHICAGO — Chef Ce Bian, from Roka Akora, will show viewers how to make Steak Tartare with Wagyu sauce, which he will be making at the tartare table Sunday’s Cochon555. Cochon555 is a culinary event to raise awareness for heritage breed pigs through an innovative nose-to-tail pig cooking competition.

Steak Tartare
6 oz. of meat

Bian used Snack River Fillet, but any type of fillet will work for the dish.

Cut it into thin small pieces and transfer to mixing bowl

Wagyu Tartare Sauce

10 spoons of Mayonnaise
2 spoons of almond oil
1 spoon of plum wine
2.5 spoons of truffle juice
2 spoons light soy sauce
2.5 spoon cherry vinegar.

Mix above ingredients into mayonnaise and refrigerate

Cut and mix the following together and set aside:

10g Shallots
5g Chives

Cook the lotus 'chip' that goes with the tartare using oil and water;

Thinly slice the lotus root vegetable (can also use taro as an option) using a Mandolin slicer or a similar utensil

Drop the lotus into the oil to cook and then take out and sit before adding to the dish

Mix the sauce with the steak; add shallots/chives

Plate the finished dish 

Sunday 5 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
4 p.m. VIP entry
Morgan Manufacturing
401 N Morgan St.
Tickets start at $130 

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