How did Chicago’s least-snowy winter snow fall?

Dear Tom,
Chicago’s two least snowy winters were 1920-21 and 1921-22. How did that snow fall, in dribbles or in a few big storms? Were temperatures above or below normal?
— Tony Russo, Chicago
Dear Tony,
Chicago’s least-snowy winters occurred back-to-back in 1920-21 and 1921-22. The 1920-21 winter recorded 9.8 inches of snow. The snowiest month was December, with 4.4 inches, followed by 3.2 inches in January. February logged 0.3 inches and March just a trace, with the season’s final snowfall 0.4 inches in April. The following winter produced slightly more: 11.5 inches. Once again, December was the snowiest month, with 4.2 inches, and March’s 2.6 inches ranked second. Oddly, both winters produced white Christmases, with a 1-inch snow cover, the same as Chicago’s snowiest winter of 1978-79, which logged 89.7 inches. Both winters produced above-normal temperatures.

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