Lunchbreak: Maple & Chili Glazed Butternut Squash with Parsley & Pumpkin Seed Salad

Chef Jason Roberts

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Maple & Chili Glazed Butternut Squash with Parsley & Pumpkin Seed Salad

Serves 6

1 butternut squash (8 inch or less in length)

2 tablespoons olive oil

1 teaspoon sea salt flakes

½ teaspoon dried chili flakes

3 tablespoons maple syrup

1 bunch flat leaf parsley,, washed and dried on paper towel

1 small bunch arugula

½ cup toasted pumpkin seeds

1 lemon

1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil

Salt flakes

Combine 2 tablespoons olive oil with the maple syrup, chili flakes and salt.

Using a sharp knife, remove the top and base of the butternut squash. With the knife, score the squash vertically all the way around (approximately ¼ inch deep); repeat horizontally the whole length of the squash with a ¼ inch gap between each score mark.

Mount the squash on the BELLA 10L Air Fryer Convection Oven Dehydrator rotisserie bar; assemble the rotisserie forks and screw to tighten into place. Brush squash liberally with maple chili glaze before mounting rotisserie into oven.

Select the ROTISSERIE menu option; roast at 350°F for 50 minutes, basting with maple glaze every 15 minutes until cooked through.

To test for doneness, pierce with a skewer. The skewer should push in and pull out with little to no resistance. Allow the squash 10 minutes to rest and cool before removing the rotisserie bar. Slice to serve, option to garnish with dollop of coconut yogurt.

For the salad, pick parsley leaves from the stem and place in a bowl; add in crushed pumpkin seeds and arugula leaves. Dress with olive oil, juice of half a lemon and salt flakes.

*Chef Jason Roberts is working in connection with BELLA products.


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