Suburban contractor stays silent while judgments pile up

When WGN Investigate first introduced you to Christopher Everett we only knew part of the story.

DuPage County prosecutors had charged him with home repair fraud and theft.  There were multiple judgments totaling at least $226,000 for everything from construction projects gone wrong to unpaid rent.

Everett’s own aunt even claimed she had been wronged by him. And Chuck Thompson said he met Everett through church where they mentored teenagers together.  Thompson hired Everett to build a large garage outside his home but the project never got off the ground.

“He stole about $50,000 from this project,” Thomspon said.

Then, we met Pete Bucciarelli.

“He convinced me he was a pillar of his church and ‘Mr. Wonderful’ and I fell for that,” Bucciarelli said. “Biggest mistake of my life.” Bucciarelli has a default judgement against Everett that now totals more than $1.6 million.

WGN's Ben Bradley has Bucciarelli's story and Everett's response.



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