Air traffic controllers cautioned pilot in fatal California crash: NTSB report

The National Transportation Safety Board is out with its preliminary report on a plane crash that killed a man who was posing as a retired Chicago police officer.

The Cessna 4-14 crashed in Yorba Linda, California February 3rd and killed four people on the ground.

Pilot Anthony Pastini was also killed.  For years, he had told people he was a former Chicago officer.  Crews also found a Chicago police star in the wreckage that was later determined to be fake.  Pastini went by at least one other identity as well.

The NTSB said air traffic controllers cautioned the pilot about deteriorating weather conditions including a microburst in the area. Radar showed the plane ran into trouble about five minutes after take-off.

Witnesses told investigators they saw the plane break-apart in the air during a deep and sudden dive.

It could take the NTSB as a long as a year to determine what caused the crash.



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