#FeedonThis: ‘Truth or Trash’, Machado, Cubs, and the Blackhawks

CHICAGO - Are they telling the truth, or are they stretching it a bit?

That's what Jarrett Payton and Josh Frydman tried to do during "Truth or Trash" on Wednesday's Sports Feed, They listened to three soundbites for the past week from Tom Ricketts, the White Sox front office, and Joel Embiid, then determined if it was the truth or an attempt at a spin.

That segment is part of #FeedonThis from Wednesday's show which you can watch in the video above.

Manny Machado's decision to not go with the White Sox might actually have been a bit of a relief for Tim Anderson.

Now that the shortstop isn't coming to Chicago, he gets to stay at his position for the 2019 season.

The guys discuss more on the effect of Machado's decision not to sign with the White Sox in the video above.

Meanwhile the Cubs, who have stayed out of the race for the major free agents this year, had a little fun on picture day in Mesa, especially Anthony Rizzo.

See that in Social Fodder in the video above.

It's not just been a great 2019 for Patrick Kane, but also for Alex DeBrincat too.

See what he's done over the first two months of the new year in the video above.


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