Soccer coaches Denny Clanton & Ross LaBauex join Sports Feed Tuesday

CHICAGO - One of the great partnerships that we've had here on Sports Feed is with the PepsiCo Showdown.

We've gotten the chance to meet players and coaches from around the Chicagoland area not only about the sport of soccer but also the service they do in the community.

On Tuesday, we continued our segments by having Mother McAuley coach Denny Clanton and Whitney Young coach Ross LaBauex on the show. They discussed their career paths with Jarrett Payton and Josh Frydman along with their involvement with the PepsiCo Showdown. In honor of Black History Month, the pair also discussed their efforts to get more African-American children interested in soccer, and how they were inspired by those who came before them in the sport.

You can watch their discussion in the video above.

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