After making thousands of crosses for victims, these 5 are hardest for Aurora man

AURORA, Ill. — You may not know his face, but Greg Zanis’ work is all too familiar.

Zanis has made more than 25,000 crosses and traveled thousands of miles to deliver them to sites of violent attacks across the country. Starting with Columbine 20 years ago, he's made a cross for each victim of mass shootings and other attacks.

Once they're delivered, the crosses often turn into places for communities to mourn, whether it's in Las Vegas, Santa Fe, Sutherland Springs, or even Chicago.

While it's never easy, Zanis says the five he just delivered to Aurora, IL — three miles from his home — have hit the hardest.

"We’re here in my own town where my heart is broken," Zanis said. "Kinda feels like the first mass shooting now. Like Columbine and all those places, I could come home. And I am home."

The crosses outside Henry Pratt company are made with his hands, his heart. One for each person killed last week.

"We don’t have any solutions — you probably heard me say this. All I do is offer a cross and a heart," Zanis said.

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