Chicago’s record consecutive days with precipitation

Dear Tom,
I noticed that O’Hare has recorded at least a trace of precipitation every day for more than a month. Is this a record?
Michael Zielinski, River Forest
Dear Michael,
The Chicago area has just completed a record-shattering 34-day run of days with at least a trace of precipitation. The string began on Jan. 12 with a 2.2-inch snowfall and finally ended on Feb. 14 with a trace of rain. This string emphatically set a new record for days of consecutive precipitation, annihilating the old record of 19 days, first established from Dec. 28, 1945-Jan. 15, 1946, and later tied during the Dec. 15,1961-Jan. 2, 1962, period. During the 34 days, liquid-equivalent precipitation totaled 3.01 inches and snowfall was 21.8 inches. Precipitation type ran the gamut with the city receiving rain, drizzle, snow and sleet as well as freezing rain and freezing drizzle.

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