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Was December 2018 a record low for snow in Chicago?

Dear Tom,
Was December 2018 a record low for snow in Chicago?
— Bobby Johnson, Clarendon Hills
Dear Bobby,
It was not. While the month’s scant 1.4-inch snowfall was well below the current average of 8.2 inches, there have been many Decembers in Chicago that recorded less snow. We asked Chicago climatologist Frank Wachowski to check this out, and he reported that with 1.4 inches of snow, December 2018 was the city’s 16th least snowy dating to 1884. While there has never been a snowless December in the city,  three years — 2014, 1912 and 1889 — have recorded just a trace and a dozen Decembers have measured less than 1 inch. In contrast, the city’s snowiest December occurred in 1951, with 33.3 inches on the books, and while not official, Midway Airport received 41.3 inches of snow in December 2000.

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