What’s happening to thousands of abandoned Chicago houses? Homeowners hide, houses crumble

WGN Investigates

Jobe Martin remembers a different day on his street, and he remembers it well.

The 67-year-old retiree has spent his entire life on Aberdeen Street in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood, but many of the houses in this once bustling area are now abandoned, boarded up and falling down.

Martin called WGN when the vacant home next to his started crumbling. Bricks were literally piling up in his gangway. He called the city, he tried to find the homeowner, and then he called the news station.

It was a wild goose chase, but WGN eventually got some answers for Martin. What we found, also sheds some light on what’s happening to tens of thousands of houses in the Chicago area.

WGN's Joe Donlon has the full story in the video player above. 

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