The significant icing event on January 22, 1982

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Dear Tom,

I was too young to remember the 1965 ice storm, but I remember a bad ice storm in the Chicago area in the mid-1980s. Can you recall the event?

Len Chudzik

Dear Len,

We asked Chicago weather historian Frank Wachowski to help us pinpoint this event, and while there were no major ice storms in Chicago during the 1980s, there was a significant icing event on January 22, 1982. That Friday evening a treacherous glaze coated the city creating peril for both motorists and pedestrians. Emergency rooms were swamped treating fall injuries caused by the slippery pavements. Numerous accidents clogged the city’s streets and highways and icy rails slowed the city’s CTA trains. The weight of the ice caused damage to trees and power lines, leaving thousands of Chicagoans without power.

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