Rapidly-falling temps to cause quick freezing of standing water across Chicago area

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Much colder air will sweep into the Chicago area this evening and overnight,  quickly ending the area’s  recent thawing period.  Late this afternoon temperatures  in the Chicago area were still in the middle and upper 30s,  but were crashing in areas to the west and north of the city.  Readings in the I-39 corridor have dropped into the lower 30s and were down to around 20 along the Mississippi River at the Quad Cities.

The crashing temperatures will cause rapid freezing of standing water across the Chicago area, a result of the recent rainfall and snow melt.  Strong  west-northwest winds  will gust as high as 40-50 mph and a wind advisory has been posted for the area through 3 am Friday.

Temperatures should crash to the single-digits by Friday morning and highs on Friday should recover only  into the 10-15 degree range with wind chills  forecast  to drop  as low as  15 to 20 below zero.

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