Learn more about competitive Beer Pong on Sports Feed

CHICAGO - In the early days of Sports Feed, Josh Frydman did a story on the stop of the World Series of Beer Pong to the Chicago area, as he tried to get a sense of how the party game is played competitively.

Three years later, ahead of another appearance by the circuit in Chicago, we decided to learn a little more about this game, and give it a try as well.

Event director Josh Henderson appeared on Wednesday's Sports Feed to discuss the Beer Pong event at the Chicago Pizza Party coming up this weekend along with the sport itself with Josh and Jarrett Payton. The guys also played a little bit on the set as a table was set up in front of the monitor wall for the segments.

You can watch the interview and demonstration in the video above or below. Plus check out more on the World Series of Beer Pong by clicking here.

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