Bulls facing usual stresses before NBA trade deadline

CHICAGO – He was never a player in the NBA, but as a coach, Jim Boylen knows all about quick changes of location of employment.

As the NBA’s Thursday trade deadline approaches, Boylen decided to bring out a story from his past about a move he had to make when he went from an assistant with the Golden State Warriors to one with Milwaukee Bucks in 2005.

It wasn’t as sudden as a trade deadline, but it was certainly as stressful.

“My experience with that, I was in Golden State one year and my wife had ordered a couch for our house,’ Boylen  said. “Three days after we found out we weren’t going to be in Golden State anymore the couch came. … So it’s hard on families, it’s hard on people.  It’s part of the business. I just don’t like it when I think, at times, we’re all cavalier about how hard it is. It’s tough.  It’s tough stuff.”

So Boylen can sympathize with some of the players on his team as the Bulls continue to be mentioned in deals as the deadline nears.

It’s not expected the team will be in the Anthony Davis sweepstakes, but last-minute deals involving players like Robin Lopez or Jabari Parker are certainly possible.

It makes for a difficult time for players who wonder if their lives are going to be uprooted in an instant.

“It kinda paralyzes everybody. ‘Am I going to be here? Am I not going to be here?'” Boylen said. “I read something about the Lakers where they had six or seven guys involved in that trade where their life is kind of hanging in the balance right now. That’s difficult. You can say what you want. That’s hard stuff.”

Bobby Portis is another one of those players that could be dealt in the right situation. He’s earned some late attention scoring 26 and 33 points, respectively, in the two games leading up to Wednesday’s game with the Pelicans.

He’s trying to keep things light over the next 24 hours and unaware of any trades coming his way at the moment.

“I leave that to the guys that handle that, my agent,” Portis said of possible trade rumors he might here. “If my agent calls me and tells me things are in the works then, I guess that’s that. But I haven’t gotten any calls about that. So I guess there aren’t.  But there could be.  You never know.”

Those questions will be answered by Thursday afternoon. Boylen said he wasn’t aware of any deals that were imminent as of Wednesday, but he remembered the fate of his couch.

“I think we left it in Golden State. It wouldn’t fit in the truck going to Milwaukee,” he said.

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