Mom says son faced discrimination, bullying for years at suburban elementary school

GRAYSLAKE, Ill. — A mother claims her son has been the victim of discrimination and abuse at his school in the northern suburbs for years, but teachers and administrators have not done enough to address the issue.

The mom, who asked her identity be concealed, said it began when he was in kindergarten at Meadowview Elementary in Grayslake four years ago.

Ever since then, she says he’s been on the receiving end of scrutiny by faculty and staff members, in addition to repeated bullying by a specific classmate who has kicked and punched him.

“My son was called a monkey by another student,” she said.

She says she reported the incidents every single time over the course of months and years, emailing and calling his teachers and Meadowview’s principal to express her concerns.

She finally met with District 46 Superintendent Ellen Correll Tuesday, saying she was hoping for a “resolution” to the bullying, but was told there was “no need to follow up” with any of the incidents of bullying she reported.

Correll refused to talk on camera about this specific case but said in a statement:

“School District 46 takes all allegations of bullying seriously. In response to a parent or student complaint about mistreatment, the School District will take a variety of actions, including collecting information from as many sources as possible and meeting with parents at various administrative levels.”

For a mom wanting to keep her son in a safe learning environment, not enough has been done.

“I feel like the situation has been belittled and looked over I feel like it had been any other parent something would have been done,” she said. “It`s racially-driven and it’s demeaning.”

Citing what she describes as a lack of concern during Tuesday’s meeting with the superintendent, the mom says her next step will be to go to the school board with her concerns.

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