What was the greatest 24-hour increase in Chicago temperatures?

Dear Tom,

What was the greatest 24-hour increase in Chicago temperatures?

Lou Avenatti

Dear Lou,

We passed your request on to Chicago weather historian Frank Wachowski who provided details on Chicago’s largest short-term temperature increases. The city’s largest same-day increase was 49 degrees, logged on March 29, 1895. The day’s low of 31 degrees was recorded just after midnight as increasing southwest winds sent the mercury on a steady and rapid ascent. By 7am the temperature was 42 and by late afternoon had soared to a balmy 80-degrees. Ranking day-to-day increases, Wachowski found two instances of 58-degree rises. The first was February 13-14, 1887 when the mercury climbed from zero to 58 and the second on March 10-11, 1972 with readings climbing from 15 to 73.

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