Good Samaritan plows for free as extreme weather hits Chicago

CHICAGO — In a time of need, some people just rise above for the unselfish sake of others.

While Jason Fehil's money-making job is a carpenter, when the snow falls he switches gears to Good Samaritan snow plower.

"Yesterday I was in the truck from 8 in the morning until 1:30 in the morning," Jason said. "My father always raised me to be that boy."

That’s well over 50 driveways and more than a few sidewalks too, free of no charge! He spreads the love by the spreading the word on Facebook.

Dr. Sam Dola is a pathologist, and says he’s prepping in advance of a 12-hour shift tomorrow.

"We have to show up regardless if they show up or not," Dr. Dola said.

Like many others he’s never seen weather like this before, but he’s staying positive in light of these ridiculously negative temperatures

"It’s only a couple of days hopefully we can get through it," Dr. Dola said.

For Jason, there’s plenty more plowing to do. If they're not home, he leaves his signature calling card - a clean sweep that’s gotta make the unsuspecting homeowner feel good almost as good as Jason.

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