Has the U.S. ever recorded a 100-degree temperature in January?

Dear Tom,
January is typically the coldest month, however it can get downright hot in a few places. Has the U.S. ever recorded a 100-degree temperature in January?
— Matt Balitewicz, East Chicago
Dear Matt,
It has not. The nation’s highest temperature has risen to at least 100 degrees in 11 of the year’s 12 months, but January is the lone exception. The nation’s highest temperature in January is 98 degrees on Jan. 17, both reached at Laredo, Texas, first in 1936 and again in 1954. The highest temperature ever recorded in the month of December stands at 100 degrees, recorded at La Mesa, Calif., on Dec. 8, 1938. In the remaining 10 months (February through November), the nation’s highest temperature has reached at least 105 degrees. The nation’s (and world’s) all-time high is 134 at Furnace Creek in Death Valley, Calif., on July 10, 1913.

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