Has November ever been the snowiest month in a winter here?

Dear Tom,
Has November ever been the snowiest month in a winter here?
— Phil Ordway
Dear Phil,
It is extremely rare, but it has occurred. Checking the city’s snowfall records, dating back to the winter of 1884-85, Chicago climatologist Frank Wachowski found that over the course of those 134 winters, November has been the snowiest month just twice — most recently in the winter of 2015-16. That November recorded 11.2 inches of snow, all of it falling in a pre-Thanksgiving snowstorm on Nov. 20-21, 2015. That snowstorm, accompanied by lightning and thunder, crippled the city for a couple of days, but then the snow quickly melted as the mercury soared to 60 on Thanksgiving Day.
The only other time November was the snowiest month in the city was in the winter of 1940-41, when the month logged 14.8 inches.
Going back to the winter of 1884-85, November has been our snowiest month just twice.

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