How do our high temperatures vary through the year?

Dear Tom,

I’ve noticed that the average high hasn’t changed in a few weeks, what does the rate of change look like?

William Girard, Shorewood
John Biemer, Oak Park

Dear William and John,

The city’s normal high temperature dropped to 31 degrees, the lowest value of the year, on January 2 and it will remain there through January 29. As daylight gradually increases and the sun’s rays become more direct as the sun rises higher in the sky, the city’s normal high temperature will begin to slowly, but steadily, increase. By the end of February, it will climb to 40 degrees, 53 by the end of March, 65 by April’s close, 75 at the end of May and 84 at the end of June. The city’s achieves its highest normal temperature of 85 degrees on July 9 where it remains through July 15, when it then begins it slow descent back to 31 degrees by January 2.

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