Lansing woman donating kidney to save twin brother

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LANSING, Ill. — A Lansing brother and sister — twins — are about to take on life-saving surgeries.

It’s easy to see and feel the love in the Hall house. The family spends a lot of time together. Courtina Hall and Courtney Hall are twins and are the epitome of a close-knit family.

Courtina said she loves her twin brother with all her heart, and said his heartache is her heartache.

When he came to visit her, Courtney was hooked up to his dialysis machine and let out a cry of pain. A lifetime of high blood pressure led to his kidneys failing.

“I was an over-the-road truck driver and fatigue started," he said, “I had gout flare-ups all the time and I knew something wasn't right.”

After putting it off, Courtney went to the doctor in 2014. The same day he got the news and was told his kidney function was at 14 percent.

Courtney said he’s hooked up to the dialysis machine nine hours a day.

He's been on the transplant list for four years in Illinois and Wisconsin. He even moved to Texas for a bit with hopes of receiving a transplant sooner, but when he came up from Houston to see his family, he got another infection. That time, he was hospitalized for seven days.

After that, Courtney’s 18-year-old son was murdered. Courtney said he felt like giving up.

“I know people who was on this and they gave up. They are dead right now,” he said. “It's a fight every day for me to hook up that machine, I can’t eat this, can’t eat that.”

It was then when Courtina said the Holy Spirit moved her. She got tested, in hopes of being able to donate her kidney to him, and came back a perfect match.

On Feb. 7, the twins will become one, more so than they ever have before. She chose to donate her kidney to her brother.

They have insurance, but Courtney can't work because of his condition. Courtina’s short-term disability from her job only pays $200 a week for the four to six weeks it takes to recover. They are asking for some help through a GoFundMe page. They said no donation is too small, and their appreciation will be big, and will give them a chance to see their father, grandfather, uncle, son and brother grow old—the way it should be.

“I am very excited to get this done to help my brother,” Courtina said.

The transplant will take place at the University of Chicago Medical Center.

To donate to the twins, visit GoFundMe.

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