Chicago’s ice storm on Jan. 23-24, 1965

Dear Tom,
I remember that in my youth in the mid-’60s, a tremendously thick ice storm in Park Ridge knocked out power for days and allowed me to ice skate on the sidewalks. Details?
— John DeRosa, West Dundee
Dear John,
The ice storm that you remember glazed the Chicago area on Jan. 23-24, 1965, and is considered by utility companies to be one of the worst on record, second only to one on New Year’s Day 1948.
Damage from the storm was estimated to be in the millions of dollars, with the north and west suburbs hardest hit. Power was out for days in many areas.
Damage in the city was limited, but the ice coated almost everything. Icy roads made travel nearly impossible, forcing many schools and businesses to close, and hospitals reported a rash of injuries from falls.

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