#FeedonThis: Carmelo’s finally here….and he probably won’t play

CHICAGO - Just under five years ago, the Bulls were trying to pursue him as a player for a championship run.

Now the Bulls' finally get him, and he won't likely play a single play for the team.

Carmelo Anthony is officially a member of the Bulls but is like to be waived or traded sooner than later in the spirit of salary. It's an interesting dynamic consider the Bulls' interest previously in the ten-time All-Star, and it made for a great topic for "140 or Less" on Tuesday's Sports Feed.

You can watch Jarrett Payton and Josh Frydman discuss that topic in the form of a tweet in #FeedonThis in the video above.

It's not unusual for Jarrett and Josh to let loose during Social Fodder, and that's how it was on Tuesday.

See the hosts mimic the Rams' "get back coach" trainer for Sean McVay in the video above.

Kris Bryant and Yu Darvish won't be looking fondly back on the 2018 season as injuries hindered their performance.

But as they enter 2019, they are feeling healthy for a bounce-back year in 2019. Josh and Jarrett discussed that in the video above.

When will Corey Crawford return to the ice again?

It's a familiar question with the Blackhawks' goalie who once again is suffering from the symptoms of a concussion.

The guys discuss what might be next for the goalie and the consideration for his future health in the video above.

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