Dashcam video shows O’Hare plow dumping snow on passing car causing damage

CHICAGO – A man driving near O’Hare airport during Saturday’s snowstorm said his car was damaged by the airport’s plow crew.

Anthony Kloster installed a dash cam in his car a few months ago because his car is very important to him.

After my mom passed, she left me some money to buy this car,” he said.  “So it was the last thing she knew. The car means a lot to me.”

Saturday, Kloster drove his Subaru on I-190 when he missed his exit and had to go past O'Hare airport.

At the same time, snow plows were clearing a nearby runway.  The plow sent a cascade of snow and ice down onto the adjacent highway.

I noticed they were plowing snow onto the expressway and then I hesitated at first,” Kloster said. “But after the first wave, it was just snow that hit my car.  So I just kind of crept up a little and stopped again and then the second one ended up being chunks of ice and snow.”

Those chunks shattered Kloster’s windshield and dented the car’s roof.

I couldn’t believe it … I literally tried to wipe it off with wipers, I was in shock.”

Kloster’s car is now at the shop for repairs but he still isn’t sure why this happened in the first place.

Either they just didn’t care or the guy got lazy or was half asleep,” he said. “I don’t know how long they’d been plowing. But I’ve done snow removal where I’ve worked 17 hours in a row, so I can understand it.  But still it wasn’t like he shoveled snow onto a residential street.  It was like pounds of snow being thrown on to a busy expressway.”

WGN News reached out to the Chicago Department of Aviation about the incident.

They issued a statement saying:

We are investigating the apparent snow removal at O'Hare that spilled onto the roadways yesterday. Our staff is working to get in touch with the motorist to learn more so that we can address this incident and prevent it from happening again.

Kloster said he's in the process of filing an insurance claim. He's hopeful the cost of the insurance deductible and damage doesn't fall on him.


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