Has Chicago ever had a winter without a significant snow event?

Dear Tom,
Has Chicago ever had a winter without a significant snow event?
— Judith Grace Campbell, Mokena
Dear Judith,
It has, and it occurred just about a century ago. The early 1920s marked a time of record-low snowfall in Chicago, with the city recording its two least snowy winters back-to-back. The winter of 1920-21 produced just 9.8 inches, followed by 11.5 inches in the winter of 1921-22. That two-season total of 21.3 inches has been exceeded by the city’s two biggest snowstorms — the 23-inch Big Snow of Jan. 26-27, 1967, and the 21.6-inch New Year’s storm on Jan. 1-3, 1999. During that snow drought, the city logged a record 418 days between a 2.4-inch snowfall on Dec. 21, 1921, and a 3-inch snow on Feb. 13, 1923.

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