New sensors to help regulate free parking in Elgin

ELGIN, Ill. — Elgin officials have voted and approved new technology of “Smart Parking Sensors.”

Once the ground sensors are installed, drivers will be able to download an app and find open parking spaces. It will also allow police to know exactly when your time is up.

Spots in downtown Elgin are free and have dedicated 30 minute or two hour parking limits. It has become an issue for drivers and businesses. Now, Elgin police will have a better way to monitor how long a car’s been parked.

The city voted to install smart parking sensors under 225 spaces throughout downtown Elgin.

“The company comes out and they’ll drill a four inch core in every parking spot and at that time, they drop in a sensor and then fill it over with a traffic grade epoxy," Elgin Police Commander Jim Bisceglie said.

The city will be the first in the state to install the smart sensors. It will cost $110,000 dollars over five years but is expected to help police better utilize their resources.

“We actually monitor downtown parking now so we do issue citations downtown but to us, this isn’t about the citations or the revenue,” Bisceglie said. “This is more about using technology to assist all of our citizens and our downtown business owners to allow other people to park and more people to come in and out and support our businesses.”

Police expect installation to begin later this month with the sensors in use by the Spring.

The price of a parking ticket will stay the same.

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