Winter Weather Advisory until 9AM CST Tuesday for most of the Chicago area

Freezing drizzle, possibly mixed with a little light snow is expected to develop over a good portion of Chicago area this evening and overnight. A Winter Weather Advisory for freezing drizzle creating localized very slick conditions is in effect over most of the Chicago area until 9AM CST Tuesday morning (note the purple-shaded area on the headlined map extending north into southern Wisconsin). The Advisory may be extended farther south as the night goes on.

With a blanket of snow over northeast Illinois and northwest Indiana keeping temperatures below 32-degrees and a weak disturbance aloft slowly moving through from the northwest overnight, conditions are ripe for the development of freezing drizzle or very fine snow that may produce a thin covering of ice over untreated areas such as side-streets, parking lots, driveways and sidewalks. As the night goes on and extends into the Tuesday morning commute, area roads and highways could be impacted, so if out and about for the next 12 to 15 hours, be aware of the potential for difficult to discern very slick conditions.

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