#FeedonThis: The Joy of Kicking….in the snow

CHICAGO - A week later, and all everyone wants to talk about are the kickers.

That was the case on Social Media this weekend for a few reasons. Cody Parkey's appearance on the "Today" show made waves, and so did the competition at Goose Island Brewing inspired by his miss along with the criticism that he got following that kick against the Eagles.

Both were featured prominently on Sports Feed Sunday evening during Social Fodder with Jarrett Payton and Josh Frydman. That segment is part of the best from the show in #FeedonThis in the video above.

Meanwhile, the Bears have already made their selection for Vic Fangio's replacement just a little after a day since he left to take the Broncos' job.

Jarrett and Josh discuss Chuck Pagano's hire in the video above.

The reports indicate that both Manny Machado and Bryce Harper are getting closer to making their decisions on their next teams.

Josh and Jarrett discuss the Cubs or White Sox's chance to get one of the coveted free agents in the video above.