Lunchbreak: Grilled Yellowtail with Grapes and Cauliflower

Jacob Verstegen, Executive Chef at LondonHouse Chicago

LH at LondonHouse Chicago

85 E. Upper Wacker Dr. (Floors 21-23)

Reservations can be made by calling 312-253-2317


Nordic Dinner Series - a four-dinner series celebrating Nordic cuisine at the 22nd floor rooftop.

The first Nordic dinner is on January 19, and tickets can be purchased by visiting  

Chef Verstegen will collaborate with other local Chicago chefs for the menus offered in February and March.


Grilled Yellowtail with Grapes and Cauliflower

 Miso Sabayon


2 egg yolks

1oz (2T) shiro dashi

1oz (2T) soy sauce

2oz (4T) water

1oz (2T) yuzu juice

1oz (2T) white miso


In a double boiler, whisk all ingredients together and cook over steam until the mix is light and fluffy and you see ribbons behind your whisk. Cool and set aside.


Grapes with Cauliflower


6 grapes cut in half

Cauliflower stem, cored out

2oz (4T) brown butter


Mandolin (slice) the cauliflower core very thinly.

Sauté the cauliflower core over low heat in the brown butter.

Let cool and top each grape half with a piece of cauliflower.


Blanch Cauliflower Florets and Core


20 pc Julienned cauliflower core

10 pc Cauliflower florets


Take the remaining core from the recipe above and julienne (slice) finely.

In a large stock pot, bring salted water to a boil, cook cauliflower florets and core together for 20 seconds.

Cool on a towel lined tray.




1 pc yellowtail, preferably belly side about 6oz

Melted butter

Salt to taste

Purple shiso leaves


Slice yellowtail into ¼ inch thick strips and season with salt and melted butter.

On a charcoal grill (or other grill), grill briefly so that the fish receives a little smoke but does not cook.

On a tray, put about 5 pieces of julienned cauliflower core inside fish and wrap it in a circle. Do this to 4 slices.

Place on a plate with the grapes in a semicircle, top with blanched florets and spoon sabayon into the semi-circle.

Garnish with purple shiso.



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